Who are we?

We are an Organization Design, Management and Investment Trust with the purpose

“To design, enhance and support the most stable, sane, enjoyable and rewarding organizations
as the path to the world ideal scene achievement”.

Our organization was founded in 2007 together with the beginning of its founder entrepreneurial career.

Our Values

 Our Values stand the name of our organization and there are:

Our Team


Ivan Anz

Ivan Anz


Bella Anz

Bella Anz

Founder & Board Member

Arte Maren

Arte Maren

Chairman of the Board

Vendy Rios

Vendy Rios

Founder Communicator

Robin Burness

Robin Burness

Chief Financial Officer

Our Philosophy


 We believe that any situation, anybody or anything in this world can improve so all of us can live in a better world.
We believe that if a person or an organization are not improving others people’s lives, then they are losing time.
We believe that a life of a person or an organization will only improve if that person or that organization are improving lives of others.
We believe that to better another’s life one has to better his own as well; hand in hand we better our lives as humanity.
We believe that the better the condition of another country is, the better will be yours and ours, and consequently the worlds.

Our Values

 Our Values stand for the name of our organization and they are:


We communicate what we observe without compromises.
And that is 
our integrity. 
We take full pride in that!



We mean to make you
or others want to do
or achieve something.
We inspire our teams constantly, We communicate
with the intention
to inspire others, always.


In order to make this world
work 100% at all times
humanity requires an abundance of creative innovation.
Thus, we highly motivate
creativity among our teams.
We create unique things;
we challenge other industries;
we challenge their way of thinking. We strive for creative innovation.


We never divide people.
A team is always much stronger
if it is fully integrated
and knows what the other members of the team
are doing and thinking of.


There is no second opportunity for a first impression.
That’s why our creation
impacts right the first time. Bringing about genuine WOW’s in people’s expressions is not so easy in a world saturated with excellent goods and inventions. But we put our intention to it!
Our staff, representatives and clients achieve it no fail.



It is the ability to acquire
and apply knowledge and skills.
It is also the ability
to recognize truth.
We do not only value and measure it, but we also enhance it by supporting the delivery of key knowledge and skills
to our team members
so they become more able.




By inspection we mean
the careful examination of activity and production.
We cannot improve anything
and live up to our i-mproved values unless we inspect it carefully and find the real why something is not improving.
We encourage our executives
to not only listen
but most importantly i-nspect
and look for themselves.


Our challenge is to always improve that which has already been regarded as a perfection.
It requires art
and that’s how we do it.
We constantly focus on improving our own processes, enhancing our team including our vendors and others we work with;
we constantly work on improving our organization resulting in excellent service to our clients.