Ivan Anz is an Inc. 500 Entrepreneur and Author
of the Philanthroinvestor Phenomena. 
Ivan loves creating businesses and projects
that generate high-impact improvement in society.

Ivan’s Strong History

Ivan’s entrepreneurial spirit emerged at the age of seven when he used his Go-Kart to lease it to his friends and neighborhoods
while selling them candies. Ivan then continued at the age of 14 when he created mountain adventures
with 4 x 4 vehicles for customers of his family-owned car dealership in Argentina.
He acquired support from the Federal Committee of his state, in Argentina, as well as BBVA (Banco Francés).

At the age of nineteen Ivan launched his first international venture as a distributor of Herbalife®, the network marketing giant.
In just two years, at age of twenty-one, Ivan reached the “Millionaire Team”, selling $1 million annually.
He was actually the youngest person of the Millionaire Team all over America continent
and he ran the fastest growing team across seven countries in Latin America.

At the age of twenty-three, after he married his wife Bella, Ivan assisted his family to convert their small family business
into the Number One car dealership group in Argentina, selling Toyota and Peugeot.
His state is the province with the best financial management and economic indicators in Argentina.
Toyota Allianz is in the #10 Toyota Dealerships in Argentina based on Toyota’s “Management Excellence” standards.

As the dealerships matured in 2007, Ivan ventured into the real estate development industry
with his first real estate development being one of the most prestigious private neighborhoods of his state.

In 2014 Ivan decided to expand his entrepreneurial spirit into the US
and moved to live at the Tampa Bay Area, where he is currently residing. 


At this moment Ivan Anz owns the following:


Ivan is a born entrepreneur.

He has innate skills for negotiation and generation of business opportunities.

Ivan is an enthusiastic, good-hearted entrepreneur who has an eagle eye for what he can do that will create wide benefits for all concerned. He’s an encouraging, uplifting person with an uncanny sense of what will work well in business.


It’s been a great pleasure to get to know and work with Ivan. Highly Recommended.

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