What is an Icon?

 An icon by definition means: a person or thing regarded

as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration.

Veneration by definition means: great respect.

Respect by definition means: a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something

elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.


We focus and improve ourselves in developing icons in the world.

And by that we mean: Organizations, Team Members and Products

that are worthy of deep admiration by their abilities, qualities or achievements.












We, at Philantrhoinvestor, combine traditional venture capital financing with philanthropic principles to achieve social impact.  Our focus is specifically on wider social, educational, environmental, and socio-cultural causes towards our mission of contributing to an improved world. 

We take the traditional Venture philanthropic principles of traditional venture capital financing to achieve philanthropic endeavors. Specifically focusing on wider social, educational, environmental, and socio-cultural causes and developing a better world.

Philanthroinvestors engage in the necessary rigorous screening processes to certify and assist Philanthroinvesting-affiliated firms to ensure that they are delivering high-quality products and services and in great quantity.

 In 2014 we saw an opportunity in affordable housing market in the US
and started to develop a very unique concept to stabilize families in their own homes
while showing investors that they can help these families and at the same time make great returns.

We became the first company to represent the PHILANTHROINVESTOR brand
with the vision of reverting homeownership status in the US.

Today this icon has become an Inc 500 company with 20+ employees that thrive weekly and expand a very unique concept with passion supporting families in more than 30 states and with investors in more than 13 countries.



In 2018 our first book was written with the aim to be in every airport across the planet.
The purpose of this book was to raise the conscious level of help in the investment world.

 So far, the book has been launched for private sales acquisitions only
but it is soon to be massively launched in more than 40 stores across the globe.


In 2005 after 3 years of business planning and a very deep and intense qualification process
we got involved with the development and establishment of a Toyota Dealerships network.
We developed and established the CEO.
Now, we own Toyota Allianz that carries a few Toyota Dealerships managed by 80+ employees in Argentina.

Take a look at our videos made by some of our amazing staff.

Completed Icons


El Campestre – Private Neighborhood development – (2007-2012)

 El Campestre was one of the first private neighborhoods in Argentina that was completed with huge success!
We developed it using a 100% owner financing platform of the land for most of the home owners
opening doors for many Argentinian families to own their own lot to build their home of their dreams.
We did the development and administration until 2012
when we turned it over to a property management team who has continued serving the neighborhoods successfully.


 Yamaha Advanz (Yamaha Dealership in Argentina) – (2007-2012)

We developed the actual Yamaha dealership in Argentina and establish the team and kept it running for 5 years. 

Afterwards we applied an exit strategy and sold the company to a highly experienced and large motorcycles dealership
in the state who continues developing and growing the business.